Tony Kinsey composition excerpts

First Sight of New York (Universal)
Shades Of Harlem (Universal)
Dockside Lament (Universal)
Pursuit On The Corniche (Universal)
Body In The Boot (Universal)
Murder Scene (Universal)
Broadway Swing (EMI)
The City Never Sleeps (EMI)
Evocation (Universal)
Exclusively Yours (EMI)
A Gentle Touch (EMI)
Hot Foot Stomp (EMI)
Comic Capers (Universal)
Trumpet Mania (Universal)
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (EMI)
Jabberwocky (EMI)
Song Is The Thing (Universal)
Taking It Easy (Universal)
Let’s Dance All Night Long (Universal)
Walking In The Rain (Universal)
You Never Can Tell (Universal)
There’s Only One Of Everything (Universal)
Castle Of Adventure Theme (MCPS)
Champagne Marxist (MCPS)
Souvenir Main Theme (Warner Bros)
Miss World (EMI)

Work in progress:

  • “The Weaver of Ravelo” – a musical drama (book by Philip Wrestler)
  • “Duckin’ and divin'” – a comedy that swings (book by Ray Galton and Roger Smith)